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HELIOZ - the only Austrian provider and producer of CO2 certificates in combination with Social Impact – plans to expand its business on the Indian market by positioning its own CO2 project with an output of min. 100,000 up to 300,000 CO2 certificates per year. The projects should enable the creation of certificates in a market-relevant size, as well as creating a product for HELIOZ, which should be positioned on the financial market in the area of social impact funds.

The aim is to create a financing vehicle to implement the first “Large Scale CO2 Project” of HELIOZ in India. HELIOZ will provide its expertise and know-how from existing CO2-Projects in Africa and Asia. Additional CO2 Projects in Asia, Africa and South America are also planned.

Therefore, HELIOZ is looking for equity and direct investments for a planned project company. The form of the project company is subject to Austrian laws. HELIOZ R&D, who owns the IP on WADI, will grant an exclusive license for the usage of WADI for the described project.

Contributions shall be made by institutional investors, such as Fair Finance and existing shareholders of HELIOZ R&D. Additional financing will come through establishing a large economic partnership with the Austrian Development Agency, as well as debt capital financing by Austrian banks.

The project implementation is carried out by the team of HELIOZ GmbH using existing structures and know-how regarding local implementation and innovation-based interventions, like the application of the WADI technology.

The project scope is based on the most efficient implementation and calculation of the best cost structure in terms of implementation. The duration of the project until the first certificates are issued is a maximum of 18 months. The sales process starts with the end of the implementation phase, thus around six months after the official start of the project.

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