HELIOZ proudly presents:
Annual report 2022

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Future CO2 Economy
Carbon Offsetting with added value.

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Future CSR Economy
CSR activities with 100% transparency.

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Future Innovation Economy

Saving the environment one WADI at a time. 

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HELIOZ is a Social Enterprise implementing safe drinking water projects that avoid or reduce CO2 and create social impact. Relying on our easy-to-use and environmentally friendly solution for water disinfection, the WADI device, HELIOZ provides safe drinking water to thousands of families across India, Africa and Southeast Asia – creating high social, economic and environmental impact.

Our carbon credits come straight from our in-house developed and implemented climate projects and ensure high social impact. Combined with our tailor-made approach to Corporate Social Responsibility we create true value for the Future Economy.

You can slowly improve your CO2 balance. Or instantly.

By replacing boiling of water using firewood with Solar Disinfection (SODIS) with WADI, HELIOZ is generating CO2 certificates for the voluntary carbon market, following Gold Standard certification. These certificates originating from premium climate projects offer a big range of co-benefits and are of high interest for corporates who want to communicate their carbon neutrality. 

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For us, CSR is not just a phrase, but our mission.

Customers expect companies to act responsibly and tackle social and environmental issues which have put a spotlight on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives around the world. CSR activities are important for internal and external stakeholders and are documented in annual reports and used for marketing activities.

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HELIOZ climate projects

What People
say about us

Sabine Dall´Omo
CEO of Siemens
Southern and Eastern Africa
Our collaboration with HELIOZ on this project solidifies our commitment to address basic human needs and essential infrastructure for the advancement of communities and regions we operate. Positively impacting the quality of life of people in our regions is crucial to us.
Martina Merz
Shareholder HELIOZ &
Chief Executive Officer thyssenkrupp 
What HELIOZ provides, is a future-proof perspective for companies that are willing to incorporate sustainability in their daily business – and those that still need a push. It is a positive signal for the future of economy.
Mrs. Ashabrick N. Bamutaze
Project Coordinator ATC for Water and Sanitation 
Ministry of Water and Environment
WADI is ideal and can help save the alarming health situation in Uganda. 
Mr. Alexander Egit
Executive Director
Greenpeace in Central and Eastern Europe 
Using the power of the sun WADI has the potential to revolutionize the way clean water is obtained. 
Prof. Kevin McGuigan
Vice-Dean Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 
Physiology & Medical Physics Dept
Renowned Scientific Expert for SODIS
The appropriate and sustainable technology may make all the difference between life and death for thousands of vulnerable communities. 
Mr. Martin Muchangi
Project Manager
AMREF Health Africa, Kenya 
WADI is a product that will be very supportive in enhancing the efficacy of SODIS.