World Water Day

Creating Impact together

HELIOZ supports partners of the initiative in their communication and provides customized content and impressions directly from the project. The proximity to the project ensures maximum transparency. This gives companies the opportunity to make a statement for a sustainable future and significantly increase the visibility of their CSR measures. 

In Europe, clean drinking water is taken for granted. On World Water Day, at the 22nd March, HELIOZ offers companies the opportunity to stand up for those people who don't have access to safe drinking water. HELIOZ and the initiative's partners are thus making a statement for a sustainable future.  1.8 billion people worldwide have limited or no access to clean drinking water and face additional costs for water treatment solutions. Boiling in particular leads to air pollution through carbon emissions, resulting in respiratory illnesses. This has a negative impact on health and results in additional medical costs. Furthermore, in Uganda, access to clean drinking water is hampered by the consequences of the climate crisis.  

Water - a finite ressource

The project is based on a frugal innovation, the WADI (Water DIsinfection), a measuring device for solar water disinfection (SODIS). As a result, HELIOZ provides clean drinking water to thousands of families in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. Through efficient solar water disinfection, less water is wasted and existing water resources are used efficiently. In addition, WASH (water, sanitation & hygiene) trainings are implemented in the projects to raise awareness. In the project areas, the disease rate of water-borne diseases are be reduced by 80%.


Proper access to safe drinking water and hygiene is essential in the fight against the spread of COVID 19. Even though vaccinations have brought an end to the pandemic within our reach, the crisis will continue to accompany us in countries of the Global South. Through hygiene measures and access to clean drinking water, we are helping families to protect themselves. We are working with local health teams, resource gaps are identified to equip rural communities with infrastructure to combat COVID-19.

A CSR project with added value

For every euro invested, you create more than 4 times the value for families in Uganda.In addition, we offer comprehensive support for our company partners:

Social media campaign

  • Customised content with images including company logo from the project
  • Video footage from the project
  • Press material, as well as a press release on the project in the DACH region
  • Roll out of the initiative via platforms such as respACT, CSR Guide, Green Rocket, Senate der Wirtschaft
  • Presentation of the initiative during the Road to Expo 2021 in Dubai
Project Area Uganda , Soroti
Project Start 2021
Customer World Water Day