Elektrizitätswerke Schönau 

In 2016 EWS – Elektrizitätswerke Schönau started its most successful Christmas campaign with a strategic CSR partnership with HELIOZ. For every new customer EWS invested 35 euros into the HELIOZ drinking water project in Uganda. Finally 100.000,00 € went into the project, this amount was used to provide 3,000 families in Uganda with safe drinking water for several years. For EWS the outcome wasn’t only an emotional Christmas campaign with added value but also a successful customer acquisition campaign. 

“We don’t only want to forward the energy transition in Germany, but also contribute to climate protection globally. That’s the reason why we decided on a joint project with HELIOZ in Uganda for our Christmas campaign in 2016. The WADI from HELIOZ convinced our team from the beginning, inspired our customers and – above all – it really helped beneficiaries: people who have no access to healthy drinking water." Okodan Ivan Eric

The cooperation didn’t only provide 3,000 families with safe drinking water and contributed to 80 percent fewer incidences of waterborne diseases, 30 percent more lessons in schools and 60 percent less firewood, which otherwise would have been collected for boiling water.

Following the effective start of their strategic CSR partnership, EWS and HELIOZ renewed their collaboration continuously. In 2019 EWS cooperated with HELIOZ as part of the “Sonnencent” initiative from EWS. The initiative aims to foster solutions that are dedicated to renewable energies and energy efficiency. In 2020 EWS extended the cooperation to include further families in the programme and implement COVID-19 awareness and hygenic prevention measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the project region.

“I am proud to have and use a tippy tap in my home especially during these COVID-19 times where handwashing is one of the prevention methods stated by the government guidelines. […] There has been a reduction in water related illnesses like typhoid and stomach pains due to worms since we now take treated water (SODIS/WADI). The solar disinfection method is easy to use and has saved us from firewood usage. I am also proud to have a SODIS drying rack that has beautified my home and compound when in use. The home is now clean, and my visitors appreciate sitting at home and taking clean water.” Okodan Ivan Eric, beneficiary from HELIOZ  project in Uganda

Project Area Africa, Uganda
Project Start 2016
Customer EWS
Target Group (households) 3,000

Onukai village, Awaliwal Parish, Gweri Sub-County in Soroti