Compensate - Reforming the voluntary carbon market 

“For offsetting – and the voluntary carbon market – to truly make a difference, it must be done well. Only then will it become the tool against climate change that it can be. This means that offsetting should support emission reductions as a primary climate change mitigation tool and that offsetting should always have an actual climate impact. Because the current market is riddled with greenwashing, the market needs to change its ways when it comes to transparency. Only this will enable people to trust the market – and offsetting – in the future.” Niklas Kaskeala, Chief Impact Officer at Compensate

Compensate is an impact startup combating climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture. By combining a market-disrupting sustainability approach with scalable software solutions, Compensate enables carbon capture done right, truly unlocking its climate-saving potential and enabling a larger, systemic change. As part of Compensate commitment to full transparency, no cuts are taken from the compensation payments and 100% of the funds are used to buy carbon credits, in addition, their finances and project certificates are disclosed for everyone to see.

HELIOZ is very proud to be a new supplier of Compensate and to contribute to a positive change in the voluntary carbon market.

“Compensate is always searching for the most reliable, impactful, and sustainable carbon capture projects. We are happy to support the UV solar water disinfection project developed by HELIOZ and contribute not only to mitigating deforestation driven by the need to boil water, but also improving the health of local communities which lack access to clean water.” Elina Kajosaari, CEO at Compensate.


Project Area Bangladesh, Sarankhola
Customer Compensate

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