22 Mar

The hour-long glass of water and how it helps the fight against climate change

How long does it take you to get a glass of tap water?
Fetch a glass – open tap – fill glass. It’s a matter of seconds.
Do you ever feel like your tap water is going to cause a serious illness?
Your answer is probably no.


Now, we at HELIOZ know that what we are about to tell you is not brand new information, but getting safe water just by opening a tap is not the reality for everybody. In many parts of the world, the way to a glass of water looks more like this: Walk to a water source (often many kilometers) – carry a limited amount of water back home – hope that water is safe to drink – maybe disinfect water - repeat process every day. What is a matter of seconds for us is a matter of hours for others.

Today is World Water Day. We’d love to take this opportunity to tell you all about Rubee from Bangladesh, who spends kilometers after kilometers on foot every day to fetch water from a safe water source. Or Jakia, who had a life-altering accident while walking to a water source in bad weather conditions.

But – we also want to take this opportunity to grab your attention and tell you about our little contribution to solve at least one of the many issues highlighted about the topic of water today.

You see, many moons ago a few clever people at HELIOZ invented a little device called “WADI”. WADIs sole purpose in life is to lay in the sun, amongst bottles filled with contaminated water, and smile from one screen edge to the other once the water is safe to drink.

What all of this has to do with climate change you ask? Well, we at HELIOZ strive to kill 2 proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. By using WADI, all the lovely people in our projects stop burning firewood to boil water for safety. That means less CO2 emissions and therefore less climate damage.

We’d love for you to use this World Water Day as a reason to get in touch with us and see how your company can do good for people and climate.

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