10 May

The new
generation of

We proudly present: The new generation of WADI.

Technological development never sleeps. And so the time has come also for our device “WADI” to take a step towards the future. Nearly 2 years ago, we decided to start project “WADI 1.75” and now we are very excited to introduce the new generation of WADI.

There were many reasons for this overhaul: Firstly, we had to adapt to the global supply shortage in electronic components which already lead to several issues in production planning for WADI. In addition, our current version of WADI was introduced in 2013, has older and more expensive technologies inside and simply needed to be updated.

Finding the right partner

Crucial for the relaunch of WADI was firstly to find the right partners. We found them in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our new manufacturing partners “Suntoy” have years of experience in developing and producing high quality solar powered products for the end-consumer market in Europe. With their product “Consol Solar Jar™” they already bring solar lights to many people’s homes. Having looked at the solar jar, it immediately presented itself as a perfect fit in terms of energy supply for WADI, since a solar panel is one of its key components.

With an ongoing partnership with the World Fair Trade Organization and their efforts to bring people from difficult neighbourhoods into jobs, Suntoy's values align perfectly with HELIOZ's efforts to have every aspect of business achieve positive impact.

A complete overhaul

We redesigned and reconstructed WADI's housing entirely. Its new design earned it the informal nickname “the disc”, since it is now round and rather flat in shape, reminding us of what’s most important to WADI's functionality: the sun.

We developed new electronics. With a new sensor, the only component that has unmistakably found its way into the redesign is WADI's signature display, showing a smiley face when the process is done. Since it has always been with WADI and proves to be understood by beneficiaries of all backgrounds, it was a must to reintegrate.

We also developed a new way of interacting with the device. One of the big development challenges for devices designed for outdoor use is their water resistance. The aim is to ideally design a fully sealed device without any weak point in its housing. The question of interaction therefor was one of the biggest, since there are only a few solutions for sealed buttons, and they are usually expensive. We came up with our new magnet switch. The little magnet triggers the electronics when you bring it near to the case - a simple and elegant solution.

Another key deciding factor for this complete product overhaul was the aspect of product safety. Reconfirming that WADI works correctly under all circumstances, only showing a smiley face in absolute certainty of water safety. Assuming that WADI is used correctly, there shall be no mistake in measurements and calculations. So of course, we tested the new WADI. Extensively. Our devices went through all sorts of biological and electronic testing facilities to make absolutely sure we did everything right.

So here we are, with WADI in a completely new shape. We stayed true to our goals and our value of sustainability; WADI is still powered by solar energy rather than batteries which of course more than suffices for a device indicating the UV power of the sun.

With our new WADI, we are looking excitedly into a future of being able to serve even more people with a low cost and efficient way to disinfect their biologically contaminated drinking water. After all, there are still 2 billion people without access to safe drinking water sources.*

(*source: State of the world’s drinking water, WHO 2022)