11 Jan

Blue Circle Coffee in cooperation with HELIOZ

New year, new collaborations!

We start 2022 together with Blue Circle Coffee, an Austrian company that found a way to make home capsule systems truly environmentally friendly.

Since 2021, Blue Circle Coffee has been producing coffee pods by cooperating with the finest roasting companies that not just offer great taste, this capsule is actually nice to the environment thanks to the home-compostable capsules developed by the company.

Blue Circle Coffee has one mission: to produce coffee that tastes good to you and the planet. They rely on small roasters for more enjoyment and variety, certified compostable capsules and numerous coffee creations. Unlike industrially compostable capsules, Users can dispose of Blue Circle Coffee’s capsules in the garden compost. Additionally, the coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer.

Blue Circle Coffee shows the world that capsule coffee can be delicious and future-oriented at the same time.

We are happy to announce that with every capsule sold, Blue Circle Coffee supports the work of HELIOZ to also create true social impact.