• What's the problem with waterborne diseases?

    Hier steht warum.

  • What is solar water disinfection (SODIS)?

  • Where is SODIS best applied?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of SODIS?

  • What is WADI?

  • How does WADI indicate the process of SODIS?

  • What happens over night, when there is no energy supply to power WADI?

  • What are the advantages of SODIS in combination with WADI?

  • Which kinds of bottles can be used for SODIS?

  • Which kind of water can be used for SODIS?

  • How can I improve the efficiency of SODIS?

  • Does WADI treat the water?

  • Does SODIS or WADI change the appearance or taste of the water?

  • Are there any toxic substances in WADI?

  • How long after the disinfection process can the water be used for?

  • Does using WADI require any batteries?

  • Does WADI require maintenance or spare parts?

  • How long can one WADI be used for?

  • How many liters of water can be disinfected during WADI’s minimum lifetime of two years?

  • Is there proof confirming the functionality of WADI?

  • Which pathogens are inactivated if SODIS and WADI are applied correctly?

  • Does WADI have an “end of life” indicator?

  • Where can I receive further information on WADI and SODIS?

  • How is WADI applied correctly?

  • Do you have any recommendation on how to use WADI in one’s daily life?