11 Feb

Water and Climate
Stakeholder Feedback Round

The HELIOZ Group is inviting stakeholders to participate in the Stakeholder Feedback Round for the first two projects under the Gold Standard Programme of Activities “Water and Climate – Multi-country PoA” (GS11445). The projects are developed by the Indian entity Helioz Global Services Pvt. Ltd. and implemented by Indian NGO partners.

The Stakeholder Feedback Round is an important step of the Gold Standard GS4GG certification process. Between 11th February 2022 and 15th April 2022, you have the opportunity to provide additional comments and feedback on the design of the following sister projects starting in India in 2022 based on the Local Stakeholder Consultation reports from the physical stakeholder meetings:

  • Water and Climate VPA#1 – Madhya Pradesh, India (GS11447)
  • Water and Climate VPA#2 – Madhya Pradesh, India (GS11448)

The Local Stakeholder Consultation (LSC) reports can be downloaded here.

We invite you to share your feedback and questions on the projects via e-mail to Barbara Oberfichtner, Programme Manager ([email protected]).