HELIOZ was founded by Martin Wesian.
His first experience with the issue of waterborne diseases was a personal one. When he was travelling through Venezuela a number of years ago, he caught Cholera through drinking contaminated water. Since, he dedicated himself to finding new and innovative Solution to reduce the number waterborne diseases.

The concept which got most of his attention was ‘solar water disinfection’. This method to disinfect water does not require batteries, filters or chemicals for use, but only needs the power of the sun and a PET bottle. However, this smart and efficient method is widely unknown and only applied by a few million people worldwide. Martin Wesian believes that the main reason for this are the difficulties to explain how solar water disinfection works and how to predict the length of this process.

Following, Martin came up with his idea: He wanted to create a sustainable and cost-effective UV measurement device to measure the process of solar water disinfection. Because the general feedback to this idea was compelling, Martin decided to realise his invention. To do so, in 2007, he signed up for a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering; his MA thesis was about the measurement device, which he later named WADI (for WAter DIsinfection).

In 2010, to promote his invention, Martin Wesian founded the company HELIOZ. A lot has happened since. Most importantly, HELIOZ has contracted a large number of distribution partners throughout the world in order to take WADI™ to the people in need. On top of that, many WADI™ distribution enquiries reach our office every week.

Martin Wesian and the whole HELIOZ Team will continue to work hard to provide clean drinking water to everyone.